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Gain insight into your soul’s expression in an ongoing basis with these one-to-one sessions with Annie

In these sessions, Annie will connect with you on the phone or via Zoom and then complete the following steps:

  • Invite you into a comfortable posture of receptivity 
  • Ask you briefly about an area(s) of focus in your personal life and spiritual journey 
  • Guide you in clearing, via energetic, intuitive and mind-body processes, any inhibitors (storied stuckness, ego constructs, holding patterns) of full soul expression
  • Support you in connecting multi-dimensionally for guidance and wisdom 

Sessions are available virtually via phone or Zoom.

60 or 30 Minute Spiritual Awakening Session

60 Minutes: $200

30 Minutes: $100

Spiritual sessions are the opportunity to connect with your highest self and become the fullness of your divine image in God's likeness. Spiritual sessions open your pathway for greatest good and service to oneself and our world. Annie uses intuitive, energetic and mind-body processes to clear ego and open the soul within. Grounded in prayer and presence, Annie facilitates sacred conversations that translate into direct actions to become who the Divine has created you to be.

These 60 minute sessions can be purchased in a package of 3 for $525.

Limited in person sessions available in Eagle County, Colorado.

Complimentary 10 minute consultations are provided prior to booking a session for new clients. Contact [email protected] to schedule.

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"I was amazed at Annie’s ability to give me feedback that was completely in tune with issues I am facing. It gave me peace of mind and permission to follow the path I knew I should be following but was afraid to. Her ability to connect with the spiritual realm is nothing short of incredible. I will return to Annie many times in the future for the guidance she can connect me to."


"Annie is a deeply spiritual person with a gift for tapping into our higher selves. I was amazed by how she so accurately and insightfully communicated, revealing truths that have changed the direction of my life. She has helped direct me toward a more integrated existence for which I am truly grateful."


"Annie gave me my confidence back. The way she connected and what she shared was unique. She had insights and guidance that I couldn’t get elsewhere. It is because of her that I can be proud of the decision I am making and am looking forward to what the future will bring."


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