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Gain insight into your soul’s expression in an ongoing basis through Annie's offerings.

Awakening Consultation Sessions

In these consultation sessions, Annie will connect with you via Zoom and then complete the following steps:

  • Position: Annie will guide you into a position that allows awakening energy to move through you and through your life circumstances. Annie will coach and guide you into a receptive state of awareness.
  • Stay: You will bring forward an area of focus to hold in the awakening energy. Annie will guide you in staying present with your experience in order to receive and access your own wisdom. 
  • Orient: Annie will guide you to notice what is rising in your experience and attune through subtle awareness by following the movement of energy that is present. Annie supports you to develop your own sensory awareness system, discerning next steps and specific applications for your life and in your work. 
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Online Classes and Courses

Join Annie and her colleague, Annmarie Early, at her sister site, Common Awakening, for live classes and online courses. Classes are offered ongoing and range from 3-week sessions to a longer 5-month program. They include topical offerings that relate the pulse of what is occurring in the world, as well as more general awakening classes.

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Speaking, Teaching & Retreats

Annie is a gifted speaker and teacher. She is available for webinars, live or online presentations and talks, and facilitated processes. She will also hold private guided retreats at her ranch. She speaks adeptly to a range of topics associated with awakening with pragmatic practices woven throughout. Sample topics include:

  • The Awakening Journey
  • Energetic Approaches to Awakening
  • Finding Stillness and Centeredness
  • Accessing the Unseen 
  • Knowing Less, Unknowing More 
  • Listening to the Soul Within
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"I was amazed at Annie’s ability to give me feedback that was completely in tune with issues I am facing. It gave me peace of mind and permission to follow the path I knew I should be following but was afraid to. Her ability to connect with the spiritual realm is nothing short of incredible. I will return to Annie many times in the future for the guidance she can connect me to."


"Annie is a deeply spiritual person with a gift for tapping into our higher selves. I was amazed by how she so accurately and insightfully communicated, revealing truths that have changed the direction of my life. She has helped direct me toward a more integrated existence for which I am truly grateful."


"Annie gave me my confidence back. The way she connected and what she shared was unique. She had insights and guidance that I couldn’t get elsewhere. It is because of her that I can be proud of the decision I am making and am looking forward to what the future will bring."


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