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My earliest memory is of my mother bending over me and talking to me. I recall the glow of love and also seeing her aura very clearly. This early memory describes much of my childhood as I lived in my own world of sensing, knowing and experiencing interconnections with the mystical, subtle and natural worlds. In many ways, I often felt as though I was living on another planet! I grew up in a family of 7 that was ethnically diverse and relatively progressive right in the middle of Amish country in Lancaster, PA. I quickly learned from my religious heritage and surrounding environment that my way of understanding the world was unwelcome. Like many, I buried my spiritual gifts and intuitive awareness in adolescence and followed a rather predictable path from high school to college to graduate school. I studied spirituality, religion and social work/psychology and worked in a variety of roles as a clinician, pastor, and chaplain. After marriage, 4 children and building a seemingly beautiful life, I knew there was a calling to come back home to my soul but resisted. One day 6 red-tailed hawks roosted in our backyard in Denver, CO and stayed for 10 days. I walked out each day and simply told them I was listening. Shortly afterward, the world of my childhood returned as the veil fell between the seen/unseen, and I began to see, know and hear with a renewed clarity. The sudden shift was disorienting and painful as my carefully crafted world began to crumble. What emerged from my story is Awake the Soul and a partnership with Annmarie Early at Common Awakening. I know that that this awakened world is available to all of us and an intention reverberates within me that we all may remember and return to the truth that is within us. I dwell on a small ranch in Eagle, CO with my husband and 4 children, a new puppy, a few barn cats and some very sacred bird friends (see my homepage photo!) Daily silence, yoga, hiking and biking restore my spirit.

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